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My wife, Dr. Lilly Rahmann Phd, who studied in alternative medicine became interested in beauty products when our daughter Aisha graduated as a massage therapist and esthetician. Aisha wanted to provide her customers with care and treatments using natural products. Lilly being of Thai origin tried to find manufacturing companies in Asia that made cosmetics with natural ingredients. She was surprised to find that most products on the market contain chemical ingredients some of which are very harmful to the skin, health and the environment. This is when Lilly decided to study in cosmetology in order to produce our new exclusive line of natural beauty products called "Aïsh".

Every product we make is designed to help the skin regain its luster, softness and health. Lilly uses pure natural ingredients and essential oils found in Asia, Europe and Africa.

"Aïsh" is a line of natural beauty products made with exotic ingredients that only nature can provide such as coconut oil, wild honey, goat's milk, moringa oil, essential oils, sericin silk protein, rock salt from the Himalayas etc. These beauty products are made for people who seek and appreciate the benefits of the natural components of these incredible ingredients that leave the skin fresh and hydrated while releasing exquisite fragrances.

Our products are used by many beauticians, in spas and sold in specialty gift shops and on this website.

"Aïsh" is a family company of artisans who produce this line of exclusive natural beauty products with love and passion.

Michel Laframboise
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